The Foundation’s activity

La sede della Fondazione Visit to the Foundation

The Foundation makes accessible its historic, cultural, and artistic patrimony to researchers, students, and to the general public. It organises guided visits for groups, agencies, conferences, and school and university students. A visit to the Micol Fontana Foundation, led by one of our experts, entails:

  • an explanation of the history of the Sorelle Fontana fashion house including the various stages that contributed to the development of Italian high fashion
  • a visit to the archive of vintage dresses designed for celebrities or for high fashion collection;
  • a showing of a vast collection of sketches from the 1940s to today, samples of embroidery, photographs of models and illustrious people who frequented the Sorelle Fontana atelier.
In the program of the visit it is possible to add a demonstration lesson from the fashion seminars organised by the Foundation together with experienced teachers.

The visits can be booked by appointment.

Educational activities

Attività didattiche e seminari Fashion seminars

The Foundation promotes and organises fashion design seminars for students who study fashion design at university or other higher education institutes.
The seminars are run by professional teachers with experience in the field along with invaluable contributions by Micol Fontana.


Il libro 'Specchio a tre Luci' SPECCHIO A TRE LUCI
Micol Fontana
Publisher: NUOVA ERI

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